A Movement Based in White Supremacy

By Jaqueline Sephora Andrews

I have been accused of being a token for white feminism.  I have even been labeled, by some, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus; I have been called a “kneegrow sellout” for speaking out against Fallon Fox fighting women and Monica Roberts bullying of women.  Let’s forget that my analysis is based in Black Feminist Thought, and it is inspired by Patricia Hill Collins, bell hooks, Audre Lorde and other black feminists.  Because I don’t give in to trans activists’ attacks on women, I am a “sell out,” a “quisling” and these “evil” women are my “TERF masters.”  Women are accused of being racist for being radical feminists, but who are the real racists?  If you look deep within the trans political movement, then you’ll find that it is a movement based in white supremacy.

The trans political movement hides its racism by appropriating the struggles of black people and projecting their racism on to “white feminists.”  Trans activists will say #translivesmatter, however, the social media focus is disproportionately on trans lives; there is no need for a special hash tag.  This appears to be an attempt at appropriation, with trans activists trying to link the oppression of black people to the “oppression” of trans individuals.  Mainstream trans activists try to strip us of the language we use to shed light on our oppression; as soon as society begins to pay attention, here comes white males in disguise, switching the focus to themselves.  This is the height of white supremacy.  There’s the hash tag, #flyingwhiletrans, which is another attempt to link to our oppression, as we have talked about the dangers of walking/driving while black.

Attention transwomen!  You are not oppressed.  Being made fun of for wearing dresses and heels is not oppression.  The majority of transwomen are privileged white males.  It is transwomen of color who are being murdered by homophobic men who don’t know how to deal with their own attractions for men.  The transwomen murdered are almost always poor and/or in prostitution; Rather than focus on this, trans activists want to keep the focus on white males. Many are too lost in white supremacy to realize the attempts of trans activists to replace our struggle with their “history.”  Let’s no longer talk about the history and the real oppression of black people; let’s focus on being inclusive of transwomen, so we don’t have to face the horror of being accused of practicing “white feminism.”

Yes, you’ve heard correct…  I was informed by a white man that white feminism is “feminism that doesn’t include transwomen,” making it possible for a black woman to also be referred to as a “white feminist.”  Transwomen are now the “victims” and black women are the “oppressors.”  How could this be?  White males have sold images which I call “repackaged slavery,” and many black people have fallen for it.  I am called an “Uncle Tom” because I don’t fit this scripted image.  Maybe, slavery was never really abolished.  It was on the surface, but has seeped into the deep levels of the heart and mind.  This is evident in the worship of trans politics, and their image of who we are as black people.  Trans politics allows for white men to have control over your mind; they can’t keep you in chains, but they can control you through your mind.  Once they control  your mind, they can force you to worship at their feet, believing that it is your choice.

After they control your mind, they aim to control  your heart.  Once they have your heart, they’ll have you saying that “cissexism is even worse” than a man who “stores 21 pieces of female genitalia in his freezer.”  This is an example of the brainwashing of trans allies.  To many white males, black people are considered ignorant.  White men feel as though we need to lead us, and they found one they could exploit.  You may believe that you are a wonderful ally, but they are mocking your lack of critical thought.  You are what they have been saying about our people for 450 years.

In white supremacy, there is Monica Roberts who also wrote a hate piece because I confronted her about trying to bully Ronda Rousey into fighting Fallon Fox.  Monica Roberts then wrote about me that, “If you wanted my attention, you self hating rhymes with itch, now your cookie chomping sellout ass has got it, sir,” and then, “I’m going WMMA on your clueless Uncle Ruckus wannabe behind.”  Monica Roberts is playing the role that trans activists want her to play.  She is the “n****r for them.  The only way to abolish white supremacy is to completely reject the image that they have for us.

White Supremacy is our culture; we have to acknowledge it’s existence, so we can completely abolish it.  If you fail to acknowledge that it’s there, then you will live within its confines.  The failure to acknowledge white supremacy within trans activism has allowed it to reign supreme, making the trans political movement a white supremacist movement.  It is with love that I tell you, as a black person, you are not a slave.  Please reject white males who appropriate our struggle, even if they “identify” as women.



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